Douglas K. Smith

Management thinking and practice

• Acknowledged among the world’s leading management thinkers and consultants
• Cited in High Impact Consulting for having the number one impact of all consulting efforts described
• Have worked with hundreds of organizations from Fortune 500 to start-ups across scores of industries in the private, government and non-profit sectors (see Appendix 1)
• Architect of the principles and methods of Challenge-Centric, Performance-Driven Transformation that guide leaders to drive innovation, strategy, capacity-building, and growth in enterprises confronting profound change (See Appendix 2 for how this approach has produced field level change
) • Co-author of The Wisdom of Teams and The Discipline of Teams, books used by millions of people the world over. When Wisdom was published in 1993, Business Week hailed it as “the essential building block of the organization of the future.” Twenty-three years later, Forbes credited Wisdom with making teams a core part of the managerial playbook.
• Author of Make Success Measurable and Taking Charge of Change -- books praised for using performance to drive change in a dynamic world
• As a McKinsey & Company partner and co-leader/co-founder of the firm’s worldwide organization performance practice, created the “horizontal organization” which Fortune called “the model for the next fifty years”
• Former Chairman of Board of Directors of Rapid Results Institute, an award-winning non-profit using results-and-performance driven approaches to increase the speed and impact of social and economic development throughout the world

Education, Social Sector and Technology

• Longest serving Board member (and former Chair) of Sea Change Capital Partners, an innovative investment bank for the non-profit sector.
• Co-created McKinsey’s Rapid Response Network, one of the world’s earliest and longest lasting innovations in knowledge management
• Past Chairman of E•Lab, company that applied cultural anthropology to invent new field of behavior-based market research
• Past Chairman of Foothold Technology, company bringing the benefits of application service technology to the non-profit sector
• Author Fumbling the Future: How Xerox Invented, Then Ignored Personal Computing -- widely celebrated as one of the classic books of the Information Age•
Author of On Value and Values: Thinking Differently About We in An Age of Me, a social commentary and moral philosophy for the 21st century that has been compared in breadth and depth to Aristotle’s Politics and De Tocqueville’s Democracy in America
• Taught high school math, physics and chemistry in The Gambia, West Africa and introduced set theory and “new” math to teachers and schools nation-wide
• Member of Executive Committee Governance Commission that re-architected governance at Yale University
• Co-author of Sources of The African Past, an innovative, college-level introduction to 19th century African history that puts students and teachers on a level playing field through the use of original sources woven together as narratives
• Co-invented non-linear arrayed video – patented system and methods for creating and viewing fully browse-able video – an entirely new form of education and entertainment