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March 15, 2008


On Value and Values : Thinking Differently About We in an Age of Me Douglas K. Smith

The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High-Performance Organization
J. R. Katzenbach, Douglas K. Smith

The Discipline of Teams: A Mindbook-Workbook for Delivering Small Group Performance J. R. Katzenbach, Douglas K. Smith.

Make Success Measurable: A Mindbook-Workbook for Managing Performance Douglas K. Smith

Fumbling the Future: How Xerox Invented, Then Ignored, the First Personal Computer Douglas K. Smith, R. C. Alexander

Taking Charge of Change: 10 Principles for Managing People and Performance Douglas K. Smith

Sources of the African Past David Robinson, Douglas K. Smith

Book Chapters

"Performance Management" (with Martin Finegan), Chapter 38 in Handbook of Industrial Engineering by Gavriel Salvendy

"Pick Relevant Metrics", Chapter 11 in Management Skills: A Jossey-Bass Reader

Foreword to Creating A Learning Culture by Conner and Clawson

"The Following Part of Leading", Chapter 20 in The Leader Of The Future by Hesselbein, Goldsmith and Beckhard

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- Whatever happened to We? UUWorld, February 2005

- Thinking Differently About "We" Executive Update Online, September 2004

- We, Incorporated FastCompany, July 2004

McKinsey Quarterly

- The Horizontal Organization (with F. Ostroff) 1992 Number 1

- Why Teams Matter (with Jon Katzenbach) 1992 Number 3

- Team Leadership (with Jon Katzenbach) 1992 Number 4

- Teams at the Top (with Jon Katzenbach) 1994 Number 1

Harvard Business Review

- The Discipline of Teams (with Jon Katzenbach) March-April 1993 and re-published as HBR Classic in Summer 2005

Leader to Leader Journal

- Better Than Plan: Managing Beyond The Budget, No. 15, Winter 2000

- The Discipline Of Virtual Teams (with Jon Katzenbach), No. 22, Fall 2001

- What Do We Really Stand For? No. 35, Winter 2005

LiNEZine: Learning In The New Economy

- Performance & Learning: The New P&L, Summer 2000

- 24by7 Teaming, Summer 2001

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