In any human situation — a relationship, a family, a team, an organization, a market, a war — the blend of arrogance and incompetence is one of a handful of formulas for weakness. Why? Well, of course for myriad reasons. Just one, though, suffices as illustration: Arrogance in the form of “I/We are never mistaken […]

The Onyx Project

Nearly twenty years ago, in connection with my book,¬†Fumbling the Future, I had the good fortune to meet the key players at Xerox PARC who invented personal distributed computing. The experience was a world-class classroom for learning about the challenges of innovation. But learning from others about innovation is never as instructive as innovating yourself. […]

Value versus Values

From¬†Der Spiegel in Germany: “In its report on Afghanistan, CorpWatch – a U.S.-based corporate watchdog – concluded that the companies were more interested in making money than helping the people. Thousands of foreign experts have been dispatched to Afghanistan. The consulting firms in Kabul have been given multi-million-dollar budgets from their governments to establish a […]