It’s The Pronoun, Folks

In the Bush-Blair exchange caught unexpectedly on microphone yesterday, Bush said to Blair, “See, the irony is what they need to do is get Syria to get Hizbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s over.” Predictably, the corporate media — recognizing instinctively that the word ‘shit’ can attract an American audience that has been […]

Exploding Mortgages, IV

According to a NY Times’ article, the share of interest-only mortgages jumped from ten percent of new mortgages in 2003 to over 25% in 2005. In addition, a different variant of exploding mortgage — called payment option adjustable — represented nearly 16% of new mortgages in 2005. In total, 42% of new mortgages in 2005 had […]

The Unitary Executive For Dummies

Speaking on behalf of the Bush Administration to Senators in Congress yesterday — and, by extension, to all Americans — a Justice Department official summed up the various theories and ideologies used by those who support George W. Bush’s assault on the Constitution and democracy: “The president is always right.” Folks, this guy means what he […]

Proof Reading

Proof reading is among the most essential parts of the jobs of writers and editors. And, as with the quality control aspect of any job, there is levels of daffiness. What? On proof reading this last sentence, I must re-write it: “And, as with the quality control aspect of any job, there are levels of […]

Multiple Choice

Which of the following Republican oriented officials is being described by the Republican Party leader who recently said: “We’re talking about a man who’s no longer worthy of our support because of his stubbornness to not listen to sound advice and who makes the worst choice every time.” 1. George W. Bush 2. Dick Cheney […]

The Shared Idea Of Citizen

Dan Gillmor is a highly respected commentator on the subject of citizen journalism and, among other things, how citizen journalism will/might affect the ongoing shifts in the world of news organizations. This week, he responded to the proposed shift in language from citizen journalism to networked journalism by acknowledging the usefulness of the distinction and also sticking to his […]

Threshold Of Decency

Dear Mr. Durrett, In your column about Ann Coulter, you write: The line we walk is to try and ensure our opinion pages embrace a wide array of viewpoints and style. As I recently wrote one of our longtime readers, we pay attention to the political balance of our syndicated columnists. When you see conservative Cal Thomas […]