The Courage To Act As Employees

In the 21st century, the most powerful venue for principled action — for voice and dissent — has shifted from the places we reside to the organizations in which we meaningfully participate and especially the organizations where we work. Most of us no longer live out our lives in places. Instead, our most meaningful interactions with other […]

Lux et Veritas

From a letter to a fellow Yale graduate: This week the media revealed that a political scientist named Juan Cole was denied a professorship at Yale in what sounds like unusual circumstances. Cole (currently tenured prof at Michigan) is evidently very highly regarded as a scholar. He was specifically recruited by Yale and was approved […]

Blind Ambition

Pharmaceutical companies invest a lot of money in the research and development of new drugs. That’s true. And, it is also true that the past decade or so has seen a dramatic rise in the dollars they spend on marketing drugs, making small tweaks to existing drugs in order to extend their patents, contributing money […]

Not One Ounce Of Prevention

Today’s LA Times has a well written article about the shortage of doctors in the US, including succinct explanations of why the shortage has happened, some of the consequences we can expect and what it will take to remedy. As I say, it is a well written and concise article. And, because of that, it illustrates a […]