Casualness and Swagger

“My sincere view is that the commitment of our forces to this fight was done with a casualness and swagger that are the special province of those who have never had to execute these missions–or bury the results.”

So writes Lt. General Greg Newbold (Ret.) in¬†Time¬†magazine about the incompetence and braggadocio of the rush to war by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others who had never worn the uniform of their country — a policy Gen. Newbold, then the nation’s top military operations officer, vociferously opposed. In their swagger, the Bush crowd ignored Newbold. But, then, that’s no distinction. They ignore everyone and anyone who does not goose step to their command. These are dangerous men — men who have wreaked havoc on the world out of arrogance and ignorance.

Among the missteps cited by Gen. Newbold (a first hand witness who, unlike, say Bob Woodward, was not trading integrity for book royalties): purposely distorted intelligence to sell the war, micromanagement by Rumsfeld (who, let’s remember is more interested in his personal theories of 21st century force readiness than actually focusing on the battles at hand), alienation of allies, and woefully inadequate numbers of troops and material to get the job done.

None of this is a surprise to any human being who has paid any attention to the inept, ideological and corrupt Bush Administration — or to the official Republican Party that the Bush crowd has invaded and rules with an iron fist. What is, perhaps, new ‘news’ to readers is Gen. Newbold’s reminder that, while enlisted men swear an oath to those who command them, officers swear an oath to the Constitution.

The Constitution that Bush reportedly describes as ‘just a piece of paper’ — and about which Bush’s Attorney General — like Bush’s Vice President and other pals — are so dsimissive and desctructive.

Gen. Newbold writes to remind officers of their duty to the Constitution — a well timed warning in light of the latest news that Bush and friends are actively planning an illegal, ill advised invasion of Iran, possibly with tactical nucleur weapons.

This oath by military officers to our Constitution is also a useful guide and example to those Truth Seeking Americans who seem to believe that the only good American is an American who swears a personal oath of fealty to George Bush. These folks have a penchant for militarism in their expression of loyalty. What better antidote than Gen. Newbold’s wake up call: the highest and best duty of miliatry officers — like citizens — is to our Constitution. Not to another human being.

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