Ten Faces of Innovation

October’s Fast Company includes an excellent summary of the ten different types of people Ideo considers essential for successful innovation. Given Ideo’s track record, we should pay attention. Ideo buckets the ten roles into three groups: Those with an unquenchable desire to learn: – The Anthropologist: Great observers of human behavior and how people interact with products, services and situations – The Experimenter: Continuous […]

People Business

“All companies are people companies,” writes Jennifer Rice at BrandBlog. It’s such an obvious point — yet, evidently, one we seem to overlook in our daily discourse. When we say, read or hear words like “corporation” or “business”, “people” is not the word that springs to mind. “Profits” jumps out at us. But not “people”. Yet, […]

Downsizing Journalism

It’s like a scene from The Godfather – the staccato, serial elimination of the enemy’s key players in a single moment. Only, according to the Columbia Journalism Review, the enemy are journalists and those doing the firing are their media bosses. In less than two months of carnage in the newsroom, media companies have put big numbers of […]

Lose Weight or Feel Better

Performance begins with focusing on outcomes instead of activities. Surprisingly, however, aside from familiar financial indicators, using outcomes as goals instead of activities is the exception instead of the rule. Outcome-based goals start with answering this question:  How would we know we succeeded? Go ahead. Try it. Identify something you and others are working toward – […]